Working together is in our nature.

Crowding. Conflict. Controversy.

Trails weren’t built for this.

(and that’s why we’re here.)


Trails are Common Ground™ is a coalition of people, businesses, and advocacy groups working together to create a safe, inclusive, and respectful environment for anyone who steps, rides or rolls onto any trail, anywhere.

Our approach leaves behind finger-wagging, blaming, and shaming in favor of resources that help people become better trail citizens and give communities and agencies tools to manage and improve their trails.

This initiative is, fundamentally, about respect.

The trails where we walk, run, and ride have the power to connect us. It is our mission to ensure that they unify and not divide, invite and not intimidate, bring joy and not conflict. We believe in sharing trails peacefully with one another.

We recognize that all trails in our country are on stolen homelands of Indigenous Nations and deserve deep respect. We believe in a future where the landscape of trail users reflects the diversity of our nation.

We are aware that access to trails is a privilege that not everyone has been, or is able to enjoy, and we want to change that. Together we can strive to make trails safer, more welcoming, equitable, enjoyable, and accessible for all, while acknowledging the land beneath us and its deep heritage.

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