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On Risk: Earthside, On Trail

Levels of risk vary, whether it’s adding an extra mile onto your daily hike or being the first skiers to descend Polar Moon, the 1.2-kilometer couloir found at the vastly remote Kangiqtualuk Agguqti on Baffin Island. Lessons on risk from the late Hilaree Nelson.
Jud Bartlett
October 18, 2023
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Diversity on the Trail

A recent National Parks Service survey confirmed what many outdoor recreationists have witnessed first-hand: our 400-plus national parks, and the trails that run through them, are predominately white. Many groups are advocating for a new path, working to increase diversity and inclusion on trails and in the outdoors.
Jud Bartlett
September 16, 2023
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How to Make Good Things Happen

Alfredo Gonzales Velez may be just 24 years old, but he’s quickly making his mark on the world of environmental stewardship. He’s doing what he can to encourage people, specifically members of the LatinX community, to have access to and take advantage of natural spaces for recreation and mental health.
Jud Bartlett
August 5, 2022

Backpacking for Slowpokes

After learning how to backpack during the Covid pandemic, Maggie Twitchell transitioned from working in the solar industry to creating Backpacking for Slowpokes, a hiking and backpacking guiding service that caters to women and those marginalized by gender who are always at the back of the pack or who don’t…
Jud Bartlett
April 8, 2022