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Trails are Common Ground Originals:


Join the Club

Most trail networks have hiking, biking, and running clubs and organizations associated with them. Here’s why you should join one.
Jud Bartlett
April 10, 2022

Backpacking for Slowpokes

After learning how to backpack during the Covid pandemic, Maggie Twitchell transitioned from working in the solar industry to creating Backpacking for Slowpokes, a hiking and backpacking guiding service that caters to women and those marginalized by gender who are always at the back of the pack or who don’t…
Jud Bartlett
April 8, 2022

Private Land, Public Use: How One Vermont Group is Bending Barriers

In a state where over 80 percent of land is privately owned, communication and coordination with individuals to create sustainable access for recreation like skiing, mountain biking, running, and snowshoeing, is critical. Angus McCusker reflects on how Ridgeline Collective is able to foster landowner relationships and trail access.
Jud Bartlett
April 7, 2022
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